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Globe amaranth

$128.00 $30.00

  The pink segments that look like flower petals are actually left that protect the flowers, which appear as small heads peeking out among the leaves.

Why it's Unique?

  • 2.0in W × 2.0in D × 2.0in H / 148g 
  • Acrylic resin / Globe amaranth
  • Packaged plants are all sourced from nature
  • Its fluffy round ball is a high performing parachute.
  • Each BapUp cube is carefully handcrafted. During the production process, fine air bubbles or powder-like materials may occur inside the cube.

Its Luxurious Style

Globe AmaranthGlobe Amaranth

About Its Price

Normally, products like this would cost you around $100, the BapUp Cube costs as low as $25.

Material & Manufacturing

The Forest Where BapUp Collects Plants

Plus, every shipment comes with an insurance policy in collaboration with major credit card institutions including Visa and MasterCard with a unique BapUp Warranty Identifier (BWI) barcode, so you don't need to worry about incidents in the production and logistics processes. Shipping and return policy may be found here. If you find it damaged, simply snap a photo of the BWI and the product and file a policy claim here.

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